100% Mycelium Magic Mushroom Growkit Colombian



100% Mycelium Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Colombian

Magic Mushroom Growkit Colombian. Looking for a nice mushroom to experience an intense spiritual trip? Then the 100% Mycelium Colombian is exactly the magic mushroom for you. These magic mushrooms are popular because they are easy to grow. That makes it possible to have a nice trip when you feel like it.

Enjoy Colombian mushrooms

Psilocybe Colombescens, the Colombian mushroom (they are also called colombia) is a great mushroom. Some choose the Colombian as their first mushroom, but the trip can be quite intense. That is why it is a great stepping stone for those who find the Ecuadorian mushrooms too heavy and the Mexican ones too light.Magic Mushroom Grow Kit.

Spiritual tripping with Colombian mushrooms

There is still plenty to do to discover in the world and that is certainly possible if you use these 100% Mycelium Colombian mushrooms. You will learn more about yourself and the world around you. The nice thing is that this mushroom also makes you social. If you trip with others, you will find that you can have very philosophical debates with each other. You do not enjoy this alone, but with each other. There are magic mushrooms that also cause strong visual hallucinations, but that is less with this mushroom. You can, however, have spiritual experiences during a trip. You can gain insights about yourself, others, nature or even the cosmos. Even if you don’t have much experience yet, you could take the Colombian. It rarely happens that you get a bad trip because of it.

Dosing your Colombian mushrooms

Do you want the 100% Mycelium mushrooms it is important that you take the correct dose. The higher the dose, the stronger the effect will be. As a beginner it is therefore advisable not to take too much. In addition to the intensity of the trip, the dose also depends on your own body weight, how experienced you are in the use of magic mushrooms and whether you have eaten anything.

Use the suggestions below to determine your dose:

  • Microdosing: 0.2 grams of dried magic mushrooms | 2 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • Mild trip: 1 gram of dried mushrooms | 9 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • Normal trip: 2 grams of dried mushrooms | 21 grams of fresh mushrooms
  • Intense trip: 3.5 grams of dried mushrooms | 35 grams of fresh mushrooms

The 100% Mycelium Colombian mushrooms can be eaten fresh, dried or you can make tea. Pour slightly cooled water on the mushrooms. Boiling water can affect the psychoactive components.

Using the Colombian mushroom

It is wise to choose an environment for tripping where you feel comfortable. feels. Only then will you be able to relax properly and surrender to the trip. It is also a nice idea if you know that nothing can happen to you while you are in higher dimensions spiritually. Make sure the people joining you are good friends you can trust, and if they’re tripping too, always get someone who wants to be a tripsitter. The tripsitter stays sober, so do not use mushrooms or other drugs (including alcohol). This person can guide you if necessary. Sometimes a trip can have severe effects and you no longer realize what is reality and what is not. The tripsitter can remind you that the trip will really stop again. It is also advisable to have a trip stopper at home.

Contents Magic Mushroom Colombian growkit

These grow kits from Freshmushrooms are very easy to set up and use. cultivate. The following products are included with the Colombian 100% mycelium grow kit:

  • Psilocybe Cubensis Colombian 1200 cc
  • Grow kit
  • Growbag with micro perforation
  • Paperclip

Colombian Grow Kit Manual


  1. Get the grow kit, plastic bag and paper clip from the box. Remove the lid from the grow kit (keep lid well). Rinse the lid under running water. You will need it later.
  2. Place the grow kit without the lid in the plastic bag provided. Slide the opening of the bag under the bottom with the micro perforation facing up. The opening of the bag is now largely closed. You don’t have to worry about the air circulation.
  3. From the moment you see small balls growing, you can put the bag upright. Do not water. The firstmagic mushrooms will be visible after about 1 week.
  4. Place the grow kit in an area with enough daylight and in a temperature of between 18 ° C and 28 ° C. NEVER place the grow kit in direct sunlight. Although mushrooms will grow at almost any temperature above 15 ° C, 23 ° C is the ideal temperature for an optimal harvest. Special heat mats are available to guarantee this temperature and not to have to heat the entire room.
  5. From this stage (see download manual), leave the bag a little open all the time, so that the moisture can evaporate a little. Too much moisture is not good. Your first harvest will be about a week after the first bulbs appear. Make sure to harvest before the first spores drop!
  6. These sets will produce multiple mushroom harvests. To do this, fill the kit with clean tap water after the first harvest. This process is known as cold shock and it breathes new life into the mycelium and ensures that enough moisture is available for the mushrooms to grow.
  7. Place the lid of the grow kit back on the kit. Let the set rest for 12 hours. Open a corner of the lid and allow any excess water to drain. From here you can follow the instructions from step 1 again. This process can be repeated several times.

The harvest:

Freshmushrooms grow kits produce their first crop quite quickly. The first buttons are already visible after 1 week. Low and high temperatures can slow down this growth process. Once the buds are visible, it usually takes a week for the mushrooms to fully develop.

The time of harvest is extremely important. If the membranes under the caps are still closed but are in danger of bursting or loosening due to the power of the caps, the time has come to start harvesting.

More information about the right time to harvest can be found here: HOW TO REALIZE MAX HARVEST RESULTS


Yield Colombian 100% mycelium growkit

A 1200cc Colombian magic mushroom growkit from Freshmushrooms yields between 500g and 800g of fresh or 50-80g dried mushrooms.

Buy your Colombian grow kit online

Ready to try magic mushrooms? Then simply buy your Golden Teacher grow kit online: fast, safe and easy. We ensure that you receive your package quickly, in packaging that guarantees the quality of your grow kit.

100% Mycelium Magic Mushroom Growkit Colombian


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