Mazatapec Mushroom


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Mazatapec Mushroom

There are plenty of reasons why the Mazatapec Magic Mushroom a very popular strain. The first thing to take note of is its origins as its one of the original strains that came out of Mexico in the early 1950’s and helped kick off the psycadelic experiences from the start. It comes from. the Mountainous regions of Oaxaca, Mexico and has been used through out the Mazatapec Tribe for generations. The tribes used the mushrooms in the rituals to Transform their minds into an elevated state of consciousness and to connect on one another on another plane of existence.

 Mazatapec Mushroom Effects

Psilocybin, the main “active ingredient” in most “active” mushrooms, causes changes in mood,

changes in thought-pattern, and, at higher doses, hallucinations. Usually, the mood change involves euphoria and a sense of connection, but alternatively, it can cause intense anxiety. Some people say that the mushroom works to intensify whatever mindset the user had to begin with.

one reason to prepare carefully for these experiences and to never trip alone. Changes in thought-pattern can include deep personal and spiritual insight. Taking time afterwards to process and integrate these insights is important, otherwise they are less valuable.

Other effects include excessive yawning, nausea, and sometimes vomiting. Rarely, severe reactions, such as convulsions, can occur.

Mazatapec mushrooms are reported to give a very spiritual experience with particularly beautiful hallucinations and fewer bodily symptoms than most P. cubensis strains.


Mazatapec is considered slightly less potent then average for P. cubensis.

Growing Mazatapec Mushrooms

If you are looking to start growing magic mushrooms Mazatapec Mushrooms are a good one to start with and any method that normally works for P. cubensis will work for Mazatapec—it’s not a picky strain. Several brands of grow kits are available, or growers can start with spores, their own substrate mixes. and growing chambers like SGFCPF Tek or Monotub Tek. Although flushes are typically large, many growers find that Mazatapec is slow. Colonization time may be long, up to several weeks. However, excessively slow colonization is not normal and could indicate a problem with the grow—contamination, the wrong temperature, too wet, or some other thing[iv].


Rough estimates for dosage for P. cubensis are available, based on what kind of experience the user wants, whether the mushrooms are fresh or dried. However, even mushrooms of the same strain can have slightly different potency, . A too-high dose is likely to cause unpleasant effects. I personally suggest everyone starts a new strain by microdosing and then working their way up to find their desired dose.

Mazatapec Mushroom


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