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McKennaii Mushroom effects

The effects of the McKennaii mushrooms is like riding a roller coaster full of visual effects. Hallucinations are common, depending on the amount of McKennaii mushrooms you take. So choose the McKennaii mushrooms only when you’re looking for a visual trip that makes a big impact.

  • You can expect the following effects when you take the McKennaii mushrooms to you:
  • Very strong visual effects
  • You’ll be more creative than ever before
  • Laugh kicks to tears rolling over your cheeks
  • Euphoric feeling
  • You forget the concept of time and space
  • Colors will be brighter and sounds you’ll not only hear but feel in your body
  • . All your senses are getting sharp.

The amount of McKennaii mushrooms you take determine how strong your trip will be. This means that the more you take the more intense these effects will be.

How many McKennaii mushrooms do you have to take?

McKennaii mushrooms are usually eaten. But you can also put tea or process the shrooms in a dish. The effect usually starts to work after half an hour or hour. If you have a full stomach, it could take more time. When you choose to drink mushroom tea, you can notice the effects more quickly. The trip can take between 3 to 8 hours. Remember that it’s wise to start with small dosages. Make sure you don’t use too much for the first time and that you know what you’re doing by using a scale. Low dosage is 1 to 2 grams of dried mushrooms. If you have fresh mushrooms, it’s 12 to 24 grams of fresh mushrooms. This has to do with the amount of water contained in the fresh mushrooms. Of course, the dose also depends on how often you have taken McKennaii mushrooms in the past. Isn’t this the first time you tried this mushroom? Then you can choose to increase the amount of mushrooms slightly.

What you need to know when you’re going to trip to McKennaii

It’s important that you’re well-prepared when you’re going to trip on mushrooms. Especially with the strong McKennaii mushrooms. It’s better to take the mushrooms on an empty stomach and it’s wise to have a trip-stopper with you. In addition, we always recommend having a trip sitter. This is a sober friend or family who can guide you through your trip if necessary. But before you can enjoy your trip, you still have to grow your McKennaii mushrooms yourself.

Why can you only buy McKennaii mushrooms as a growkit?

Mushroom sales in smartshops are now prohibited. That simply means that you can no longer buy mushrooms ready for use. However, you can still buy mushroom growkits. Like the McKennaii mushroom growkit. This is completely legal and according to Dutch law. That’s why all smart shops in the Netherlands have switched from the sale of fresh mushrooms to the sale of mushroom growkits. In this way, we still offer customers the opportunity to trip on mushrooms without breaking the law. All that is needed is patience. You’re going to have to grow the mushrooms yourself. However, growing mushrooms with a ready-made growkit is very simple. So simple that everyone can do it. All materials are present in the packaging to grow your strong McKennaii mushrooms in a childish easy way.

 Mckennaii Mushroom

This special strain was created artificially in a lab with a specific objective in mid; large yields and intense psychedelic effects.

This type of hallucinogenic mushroom was named after one of the biggest magic mushroom activists,

the writer, ethnobotanist, “psychonaut” and historian Terence McKenna.

This strain can produce more mushrooms after harvesting, and is known for its thick stem and rounded caps.

It grows quite fast and isn’t that complicated to take care of. It’s quite a potent strain, though, so we do not recommend

it for the less-experienced.


Mckennaii Mushroom

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