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Forest Blend 2.5 g
Black Tea (High-Quality Pu’er Tea) 12 g


How to make mushroom tea | Millennium Brew mushroom tea

Put a little pep in your step with our Millennial Brew. A mix of black tea and our forest blend will give you the boost you need. Share it with friends or enjoy on your own for a stronger feel. Store remaining brew in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Mushroom Tea Preparation:

Add the entire tea pouch to 40 ounces of water or desired amount.
Brew the entire pouch at once time to ensure consistency in dosage.
Enjoy on your own for a stronger high or split between friends as part of your micro-dosing regimen.


The benefits gained from mushroom tea can broadly be contained into two main categories, medicinal and nutritional benefits. Mushrooms are a fungus, and like other fungi, are extremely beneficial to our overall health. However, some fungi are better for some things and others for different things (this is not to say all fungi are safe!).

When it comes to mushrooms (the edible and safe kinds), they are packed with antioxidants and are known to strengthen one’s immune system, combating cholesterol, and improving digestion. Some studies are also looking into the fungus’ effectiveness against cancers.

There is also the belief that drinking mushroom tea adds to one’s mental health and alleviates stress and anxiety. There are a host of other benefits that mushrooms can provide; however, some of them are restricted to particular kinds of mushrooms.

As for the nutritional benefits of mushroom tea, it provides a good source of copper (needed for healthy red blood cells), selenium (good for fertility and the immune system), potassium (good for blood pressure), and is high in vitamin B (a building block of health) and low in calories (don’t have to worry about ruining your diet). The lowered concentration of some tea’s psilocybin should also not severally affect you while giving you a slight buzz of energy; some drink it as an alternative to caffeine.


When it comes to eating or brewing and drinking your magical mushrooms, it all boils down to your preference and what you want to get out of them. As you prepare and soak your mushrooms needed for the tea, some of their nutrients will be extracted and released into the water during the process.

The same applies to the psilocybin of the mushroom, meaning that the tea will still have an element of the psychedelic substance but in a lower concentration. This is also dependent on how you handle the soaking, brewing, and preparation process.

What you will end up having is a nutritious and medical drink that will calm your nerves while not making you feel like you need to lay down or that your reality is less than clear. Again, this is dependent on the dosage. It is also important to keep in mind that the hit from drinking tea will seem stronger than if you were to eat it. This is due to the body having an easier time absorbing liquids in contrast to solids, which takes longer.

Mushroom tea effect

Drinking tea is said to bring on the experience much quicker as well as to make you peak much faster due to the fast absorption rate. Although, while it may trigger quicker, it will also disappear quicker, with the effects of the tea lasting half as long if you eat them instead.

In contrast, if you are looking for a stronger sensation, then you might need to consider eating them. Eating the mushrooms as they are when you receive them will be more potent due to them still having a higher concentration of psilocybin, offering you most of the medicinal values of the tea and with a much stronger psychedelic inducing effect.

One final thing to consider is taste. Shrooms have a reputation for being less than palatable or enjoyable to eat due to their very unpleasant taste. Mushroom tea provides a solution to this problem. While it will not taste drastically better, it will still be an improvement, which can be improved upon further by adding lemon or other flavors to the tea.


Taking mushroom tea instead of whole edibles is the perfect middle ground for those who want the calming and relaxing effects of the shrooms without having to completely schedule 9 hours out of your day or just don’t want to experience that strong of a dose. That said, the tea is still quite versatile, allowing you to either microdose throughout the day or brew a strong batch for a more powerful hit.

It is this quality that might actually make a weak cup of mushroom tea a good place to start for those who want to try shrooms for the first time but aren’t comfortable with eating the actual thing just yet. As for how the actual experience will be once the effect kicks in, it is, to a degree, subjective to each person.

The effect gained from the mushroom tea is said to be weaker in its intensity but will overall give you the same experience you can expect from eating the mushrooms, just less intense. Back to the subjectivity of the experience, it is also largely up to your individual emotional state and mindset.

It is these differences that will affect how and what you feel during the trip. All of that taken into consideration, magic mushroom tea is still a hallucinogenic, meaning it will invoke a variety of visual and mental perception distortions.

The experience can be pleasant, and it can be unpleasant; it again all boils down to what mental state you are in at the time of ingestion or what kind of stimuli you come into contact with during the trip. The experience can be relaxing and transient, or it can be intense and paranoia-inducing; it’s all dependant on you and how you handle the effects.


Q: Is drinking magic mushroom tea easier on the stomach?

A: Drinking shroom tea is quite a bit easier on the stomach than eating raw magic mushrooms. If you get nauseated easily, then shroom tea is a good option for you! Of course, you can get the pre-made tea bags, or steep raw magic mushrooms in hot water for a similar effect.

Q: How long does mushroom tea take to kick in?

A: The simple answer is that it varies depending on your body and metabolism; that said, most people report that the mushrooms generally start kicking in around 10-15 minutes after drinking the first cup. The duration of the trip can range from 4-5 hours for most consumers, that is if you are making a more potent batch.

Q: How many tea bags are in each Seremoni packet?

A: 1

Q: How long to soak a tea bag?

A: 15 to 25 mins soaking in hot water

Q: What can I do to improve the taste?

A: If the taste is still not to your liking, you can always experiment by adding additional flavors or drinks to the tea. Lemon water is a very popular choice amongst tea drinks. Just keep in mind that the more things you add, the more the tea will become diluted.

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