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Truffles or Philosophers Stones are the underground growths or ‘sclerotia’ of certain Psilocybe mushroom species. Shroom guru Paul Stamets figured out how to cultivate them … and the rest is psychedelic history. Magic Truffles contain high quantities of the visionary psilocybin. We stock the most popular varieties available.


Buy magic truffles online at Zamnesia

If you want to buy magic truffles, you’re in the right place. Zamnesia has years of experience with psychedelics, so it’s no surprise we’re considered one of the best sources of magic truffles around. With products to suit first-time users and seasoned psychonauts, you can be certain you’ll find the perfect truffle variety for your needs and preferences.


Magic truffles (technically known as sclerotia) are the subterranean part of certain types of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. Under Dutch law, psilocybin mushrooms are illegal, but psilocybin sclerotia are not, hence you can buy them legally.

Magic truffles contain the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin, which can cause powerful hallucinogenic experiences. These experiences can be deeply profound, and very exciting. Research is now looking into whether psilocybin might have some benefit in a medical setting, although it is too early to make claims about the results.

Truffles can also be used for microdosing, a practice in which people take regular, “sub-perceptual” doses. If you want to try this, we have specific magic truffle microdosing packs you can buy to make life easy for you.


Not all truffles are created equal. For beginners, there are milder varieties that will produce a lighter, more manageable trip. For experienced psychonauts, we have highly potent truffles that will guarantee powerful trips.

Mexicana is our mildest truffle variety, but don’t think it’s not worth taking. Beginners will find Mexicana truffles suitably strong. If you purchase this pack, there’s little risk of experiencing an overwhelming trip. You can eat everything in there and have confidence that you’ll retain your faculties.

For the more experienced, Valhalla are the strongest truffles available. Exercise caution with these, as they can cause very intense trips. A whole pack will offer an incredible journey, as long as you approach it with respect.


Almost all of our packs contain 15 grams of magic truffles. Depending on the strain and how high you want to get, this is usually enough for between 1 and 2 trips.

The Dynamic Duo pack contains 25 grams, and can be split between two people for a moderate to strong trip.


Magic truffles must be stored in the fridge, for a maximum of two months. Once opened, they should be consumed within two days.

It’s very important to keep them sealed and cold, otherwise they can turn bad pretty quickly!


There is no single answer to this question. It depends on several factors, such as:

  • Previous experience with psilocybin
  • Body weight
  • Strain of truffle
  • What kind of experience you’re after

Generally, somewhere between 7 and 15 grams will be the right amount, though this is very general. Seven grams of Mexicana will be a pretty light trip, whereas 15 grams of Valhalla will be very powerful.

Which Magic Truffles are for sale?

We sell in our Mushroomshop psychedelic truffles from the brands McSmart and Royal Magic Truffles. Both produce top quality truffles grown by mycologists. These are mushroom experts that contain the knowledge to produce fresh truffles with high levels of psilocybin. Of course, this is desirable for an amazing trip!

What are Magic Psychedelic Truffles, and how do they come about?

Magic Truffles (sclerotia) grow between the hyphae and are created by the mycelium, a network of hyphal threads / hyphae. The mycelium is located underground and when the climate is favourable then the fruits start to shoot (Magic Mushrooms) from the ground. For times when the climate is not favourable for the mycelium to grow its mushrooms, this fungal network creates a kind of emergency storage ration full of nutrients called the sclerotia (Truffle). Just like the magic mushroom, this psychedelic truffle contains high levels of the substance Psilocybin. They are of course not called MAGIC truffles for nothing. Psychedelic Truffles belong to Entheogenic substances. Known for raising awareness, these resources are often used for relaxation and spiritual or psychological purposes.

Use of Psychedelic Magic Truffles

Psychedelic truffles (Sclerotia) can be consumed straight from the pack when you want to start your trip. It is best to start your magical truffle journey on an empty stomach. To promote the effect, it is very important to chew the psychedelic truffles long and well before you swallow them. If you find truffles (Sclerotia) unappetizing, you could also make tea with truffles. You do this by cutting the psychedelic truffles into wedges and letting them steep in boiled hot water for 20 minutes before drinking the tea.

What are the effects of Magical Psychedelic Truffles?

About 50 min. after ingestion, a true journey begins. Senses double and a warm feeling in your lower abdomen begins to unravel. Music is experienced as something divine while taking Psilocybin. Hallucinations, geometric patterns, different perspectives in the mind, philosophy, moving objects, increasing consciousness and intense colors are the effects that a trip on magical truffles can bring about. The trip lasts between 5 and 8 hours, and the effects are comparable to those of the psychedelic magic mushroom.

Dosage Psychedelic Magic Truffles

Note: “Dosing your truffle equals wisdom”. The goal is to gain a nice experience with the use of a psychedelic truffle. By increasing your dosage, you will learn exactly which amount of truffles and its effects suit you best. If you eat all the truffles in one sitting and the trip is too heavy and unpleasant for you, what have you learned? Nothing, except that you did not have a pleasant experience during your trip. This would be a waste of your experience, time, and money!

Light trip Magic Psychedelic Truffles (Sclerotia)

  • No experience? Then we advise you to start with a light trip +/- 7 grams of truffles (the dose may be higher for a person with more than 80 kilos). Of course, you can increase your dose during the trip to the desired feeling and effect. Choose the Tampanensis truffles for a first encounter with psilocybin.

Mild trip Magic Psychedelic Truffles (Sclerotia)

  • Have you taken Magic Truffles (Sclerotia) before? Then you could go for a mild trip +/- 10 grams of truffles, of course you can increase your dose during the trip as desirefeeling and effect. Choose the Atlantis for medium strong truffle.

Heavy trip Magic Psychedelic Truffles (Sclerotia)

  • If you are a real Psychonaut then you could go for the heavy trip +/-15 grams of truffles, of course you can increase your dose during the trip to the desired feeling and effect. Choose for a heavy trip Double Vision truffles, with these 25 grams per package you can experience an extremely intense trip.

The Magical Psychedelic Truffle and the brain

The magic truffle or magic mushroom (Psilocybin) is converted to Psilocin immediately after consumption by the stomach. This transformation in the stomach is what unleashes the magical chemistry. Psilocin is similar in composition to serotonin. This similarity means that the serotonin receptors also respond to Psilocin. When ingesting a magic truffle or mushroom, Tsunamis of serotonin similar substances are released in the cerebellum. Psilocin binds to the receptors, which in turn translates into the effects described above.

Building tolerance to Psilocybin

It is possible to build up tolerance to the substance psilocybin (truffles). You want to avoid this because it will require increasing doses to experience the same magical effects as the first dose. We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks not to use psychedelics so that the body has time to completely break down the psilocybin in the body. If you don’t do this, you may not feel anything with a strong dose of 15 grams because there is still psilocybin in the body.

Setting for using Psychedelic Magic Truffles

The setting where you plan to experience the magic truffle (Sclerotia) trip is important. When taking truffles (Sclerotia) for the first time, do so at home or with a close friend. Do it in a place or environment where you feel most comfortable and where you are fully equipped. A Trip-sitter is indispensable for a novice truffle user. A Trip-sitter is a good friend who is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and can make your trip more enjoyable by being there for you when needed. You also want to be able to share your experience. A tripstopper can help slow down the trip when desired.

Microdose with Magic Truffles

Microdosing Magic Truffles (Sclerotia) allows you to ingest micro amounts of psilocybin on a course of at least 6 weeks. Not a heavy one. You start on day 1 with a dose of magic truffles, followed by 2 days of rest. After this, you repeat this cycle until you are at 6 to 8 weeks. Microdosing psilocybin truffles or magic mushrooms is becoming a true trend, we sell microdosing fresh truffles of the brand Microdosing XP are vacuumed in 6 x 1 gram dose packaging and 2 x 10 gram pack of McMicrodose. With the 2 x 10 gram packaging of McMicrodose you have to weigh the micro dose yourself.

Growing Psychedelic Magic Truffles yourself

Are you interested in growing a psychedelic truffle yourself? Look no further, we also offer an outdoor magical and psychedelic truffle spore bottle! These spores are specially designed to easily grow the Sclerotia Georgia truffles. See also our growth supplies to support growing psychedelic truffles (Sclerotia) or magic mushrooms.

Buy Magic Truffles

Buy super fresh truffles online here! Every week our stock is replenished with new fresh truffles. Top quality with every delivery! If you have any questions about the use of psychedelic truffles, please contact us. Once purchased, we will ship your purchase at the speed of light. Experience what a trip on magical psychedelic truffles can be like If you’re not into the psychedelic mushrooms, but more into the medicinal properties of a mushroom.

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