Alacabenzi Cubensis Mushroom



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Alacabenzi Cubensis

With a name that could be a magic incantation itself, Alacabenzi cubensis delivers an altered reality that produces more physical and spatial effects, with relaxing head and body sensations at smaller doses, and more significant warping of balance at higher doses. An excellent choice for beginners who might be wary of an overly intense  hallucinogenic journey, this strain can produce results that feel closer to the effects of strong cannabis edibles.

Buy Alacabenzi Cubensis mushroom

For microdosing enthusiasts, this strain is a great choice for evening use, given its weighty physical effects, which are almost akin to a nice heavy blanket. Whether you’re snuggling with people, pets or pillows, this chill-out strain isn’t going to have you bouncing around and dancing once you’re nice and comfortable.


Alacabenzi’s trip has been compared to the experience of using some of the more potent cannabis strains. At low doses, users report mostly a sense of relaxation and insight. At higher doses, the visuals are still seldom dominant, but reality may seem to twist, causing difficulty with physical balance. First-time users especially should avoid moving around, because of the risk of falls in case the dose is a little more potent than planned.


Psilocybin concentration varies between strains, but it’s not known for sure whether other aspects of the user experience vary. That is, the trips themselves certainly vary, since the biochemistry and mental states of users vary—

But whether part of the variety of experience is due to variation on the part of the mushroom, and whether each strain really has its own characteristic effects, is not clear. Certainly, many users insist there is a difference. Trying different strains and comparing them is part of the fun, for many.


As one of the more mellow strains, Alacabenzi could need a slightly larger dose than other strains, to produce the same effect. But a mellow experience (and hence a relatively small dose) is exactly what many users are looking for with this strain.

As to specifics, it is possible to calculate a recommended dose for p. cubensis from the user’s body weight and desired experience (a mellow high? An intense trip? A microdose?), and from the condition of the mushroom (fresh or dried)[iii]. But the result is just approximate. Not only does each strain have its own typical potency,

but individual mushrooms of the same strain can differ, and the sensitivity of users also varies dramatically.

Popular methods of consumption for Alacabenzi include Lemon Tek and Shroom Tea.

Growing Alacabenzi Cubensis

Alacabenzi is known to be easy to grow, very forgiving of beginner mistakes,

and able to produce abundant harvests of large mushrooms. Colonization time can be a little long, especially if conditions are not optimal[iv], but then fruiting time is often quite fast[v]. Spores germinate well, and the growing mycelium resists contamination better than many other strains.

Like most P. cubensis strains, Alacabenzi will do well with almost any method, be it PF Tek, Monotub Tek, Shotgun Fruiting Chamber, or whatever else. Inexperienced growers who try to invent their own methods without knowing what they’re doing tend not to do well.

Alacabenzi Cubensis Mushroom

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