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How to Make the Best Magic Mushroom Tea: Recipe, Dosage & Effects

There is, of course, a pervasive problem with raw mushrooms – to put it simply, they don’t taste particularly good. Further, they can be pretty tough on the stomach, particularly for those who are prone to nausea. For some, the temporary discomfort of munching on magic mushrooms is worth the ultimate trip and the long or short-term positive effects, but those with delicate stomachs often wish to pursue methods of mushroom consumption that ameliorate intestinal distress. One such method is brewing so-called “shroom tea”

Brain Brew Shroom Tea Preparation:
Add the entire tea pouch to 40 ounces of water or desired amount.
Brew the entire pouch at once time to ensure consistency in dosage.
Enjoy on your own for a stronger high or split between friends as part of your micro-dosing regimen.

Why Shroom Tea?

Shroom Tea vs Eating

As was mentioned previously, shroom tea is quite a bit more pleasant to consume than dried mushrooms on their own and it is also much easier on the stomach. In an analysis of an anonymous 2020 survey of 50 participants, Michelle Janikian of Double Blind points out an important distinction – shroom tea significantly reduced nausea and the possibility of vomiting for a statistically significant majority of the consumers[7]. Bear in mind that this was not a clinical survey; however, much anecdotal evidence supports these findings.

Shroom Tea Benefits

To reiterate, chewing and swallowing dried mushrooms can be a somewhat unpleasant experience, whereas with shroom tea, the components simply go down easier, are absorbed faster, and taste better. Many also enjoy the ritualistic aspect of stewing mushroom powder into a tea. It is important to set one’s mindset and intention before consuming mushrooms; if one is in a negative headspace or environment, the trip can cause paranoia, anxiety, dread, and a whole variety of unpleasant emotions.

How to Make Shroom Tea

Easy Shroom Tea Recipe

You will need a few ingredients to brew shroom tea. These include:

  1. 1-3 g of dry Psilocybin mushrooms (or 0.1 to 0.5 if microdosing). This is our favorite place to get Magic Mushrooms.
  2. 2 cups of water (around 350-400ml). Distilled water is preferable, this is our favorite.
  3. 2 teabags of decaffeinated tea or herbal tea. Our favorite Herbal Tea, a lot of different flavors here you can try out and find the one you like.
  4. A spoonful of honey if you like, for flavor
  5. Optionally, a few pieces of ginger, especially if you struggle with nausea
  6. Optionally, lemon juice, which can accelerate the onset of the trip if you are eager to get going (See:
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