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Ten Reasons Why people take magic Mushrooms.

Buy magic mushrooms # 1 – They’re Physically Safe . .. Magic mushrooms are one of the safest recreational drugs around ─ they’re mild on your body and aren’t physically or psychologically addictive. For most people magic mushrooms have no long-term negative health effects.  .. According to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, out of 10,00 people who […]

Psychedelic Mushroom Strains – Favorite Magic Mushroom Strains

10 Best Magic mushroom strains Psilocybe mushrooms are so visually diverse; they could be mistaken for duplicates. Over 200 species of these fungi have varying levels and ratios of three psychotropic compounds – psilocybin, psilocin, or baeocystin, which gives them their unique taste. Common ones include the easily cultivable Psilocybe Cubensis, such as Psilocybe azurescens, […]


Microdosing Mushrooms Canada MICRODOSING MUSHROOMS Microdosing mushrooms are the act of taking small amounts of psychedelic mushrooms, which are typically used for recreational purposes. However, this practice has recently become popular as a way to use psychedelics in a medicinal context. The goal of microdosing is not to “trip” or hallucinate but to instead experience […]

How Long Do Shrooms Last?

HOW LONG DO SHROOMS LAST? Shrooms, more specifically what we refer to as “magic mushrooms,” last an average of 16 hours. That period can depend on the type of mushroom and how it was ingested. If you ingest mushrooms orally, they’re going to take effect within anywhere from 15-60 minutes and will generally last for […]

What are the Effects of Shrooms?

WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF SHROOMS? This question regards magic mushrooms because many people do not know much about shrooms because they have been criminalized for so long despite being one of nature’s most powerful gifts. Psychedelics, or “magic mushrooms,” affect each person differently based on their personality, emotional state, preconceived ideas about psychedelics, and other […]

Psilocybin and psilocin (Magic mushrooms)

“Magic mushrooms” are mushrooms that contain hallucinogens – usually psilocybin and psilocin. Taking magic mushrooms may cause you to see, hear or feel things that are not there, or to experience anxiety, fear, nausea and muscle twitches accompanied by increased heart rate and blood pressure. In some cases, the consumption of magic mushrooms can lead […]

Motion to prevent sale of magic mushrooms defeated by Vancouver council

Coun. Pete Fry referred to motion as ‘anti-drug hysteria’ CBC News · Posted: Sep 12, 2019 10:13 AM PT | Last Updated: September 12, 2019 Vancouver city council struck down a motion Wednesday night to deter and prevent the sale of psilocybin mushrooms, a psychedelic drug also known as magic mushrooms. The motion from Coun. Melissa […]

Some doctors, therapists get Health Canada permission to use magic mushrooms

The health professionals can use psilocybin themselves to begin to develop therapies Kate Dubinski · CBC News · Posted: Dec 10, 2020 5:00 AM ET | Last Updated: December 10 Four months after it allowed a handful of palliative care patients to use psilocybin as a way to relieve end-of-life suffering, Health Canada has cleared the […]

Canada Is Allowing People With Depression to Do Psychedelic Mushrooms

A B.C. woman is believed to be the first non-palliative patient to be allowed to do shrooms legally. JS by John Semley Toronto, Canada Canada has granted a B.C. woman an exemption to use mushrooms to treat her depression. The Canadian government is allowing patients who are not terminally ill to legally consume psychedelic mushrooms, on the heels of […]

Patient hopes Canada will introduce regulations for psychotherapy with ‘magic mushrooms’

Psilocybin one of several psychedelics being given temporary legal exemptions to help ease emotional suffering Camille Bains · The Canadian Press · Posted: Jan 18, 2021 10:13 AM PT | Last Updated: January 18 As the first terminally ill cancer patient in Canada to legally use so-called magic mushrooms to treat anxiety, Thomas Hartle is hopeful that more temporary approvals from the federal […]

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